Friday meetings

If you are considering Oxford, Cambridge or one of the other highly selective universities Year 12 is the time to build up your academic ‘super-curricular’ activities.

For students considering applying for Maths at universities which require STEP the University of Cambridge has now produced some online resources to help with STEP preparation, plus a correspondence course.  Details can be found here:

The University of Cambridge has put together a whole website of ideas related to different subject areas:  This has been put together by Cambridge postgraduate students and academics at the cutting edge of research in their field. The topics provide guided activities, questions to think about and suggestions for further reading.

The Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford suggests some useful reading

Friday Meetings powerpoints:

Super-curricular treasure hunt Jan 2016

Super-curricular – thinking about intelligence 29 Jan and 5 Feb 2016

super-curricular-chimpanzees-human-rights (2) 12 Feb and 26 Feb 2016

Super-curricular – deliberate practice Jerry Rice 22 and 29 April

Super-Curricular – news 6 and 13 May

super-curricular-talent-13-and-20-may revised

Notes from Professor Richard Ashcroft’s lecture on medical ethics: Ethical issues in medicine Richard Ashcroft lecture

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