Medicine, dentistry, vet science

King’s College London have developed a website for students considering medicine.  It is full of useful information but be aware that the Pre-University Summer Schools it advertises are very expensive – the rest of the information is really good though.  Visit

The University of Oxford has published information about the selection process for Medicine candidates in 2015, including BMAT scores, GCSE grades and what they are looking for at interview.  Read the information here: Oxford decision process 2015 for medicine

All students considering Medicine or other health-related courses should be very aware of  NHS ‘values-based recruitment’, where selectors are looking for candidates who are familiar with, and demonstrate, the NHS values.  These are listed in the NHS constitution, which can be found here: the-nhs-constitution-for-england-2013.  This statement of core values is another useful document: Statement-on-core-values-and-attributes.

Notes from Professor Richard Ashcroft’s lecture on medical ethics Ethical issues in medicine Richard Ashcroft lecture

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